Koichi Futatsumata

01 – Land Rover Defender 110 (owned by Mr. I.da)

lrLately I’ve written only about work, I think it’s time to allow myself something different. The car I own isn’t a special one, but I like cars, and because I talk about it, persons who like cars and owners of interesting ones are increasing around me. In this space, I’d like to present not just good cars, but I want to focus on those cars loved by their owners, who take great care of those vehicles survived from being abandoned and trashed.
To inaugurate this series, the first episode is dedicated to: the Land Rover 110. A few days ago, the photographer Mr. I.da was passing near my atelier, and he popped in behind the wheel of this car. After so many years of wishing, he has finally bought it, he said. It is a 2.5 turbo-diesel engine from 2000. The exterior that shows some use and the color, the interior without any ornaments, the typical diesel-engine sound that resembles the one of a truck, and its big scale: it’s so cool. Like a man’s tool, simple and sturdy. My preferred Land Rovers are Series I and Defender.
2Mr. I.da said that Land Cruisers owners gazing at it when waiting at the traffic lights. (By the way, Kenichiro Fujii has a nice Land Cruiser… next time I’ll talk about it) This is definitely a car to drive across route like the famous Aso Crater Road, it must be a perfect match.