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Dendrochilum Glumaceum

Dendrochilum glumaceum1 Just arrived at my home the other day, a Dendrochilum Glumaceum.
I’ll definitely forget its name soon, so I use this space as a memo book.

Dendrochilum glumaceum2 I don’t know much about plants, it was just its rumpled, tousled aspect that attracted me.
I hear it is an orchid that occurs in Luzon and Mindanao islands in the Philippines, at altitudes between 700 and 2000 metres.
Growing in the tropical climate, but in the fresh air of high altitudes, it can resist to low temperatures. Therefore, it’s easy to grow and perfect for a beginner like me.
(Having studied geography at university, it was fun doing some research)

Dendrochilum glumaceum3 The key is how to pass the hot summer here in Japan.
I’m looking for a nice place, not in the sun and well ventilated.