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Like an I.T. professional, sometimes I think I should try to write something about that, so from now on, I’m going to present some Fukuoka services and startup companies I think you should check.

Veecle was released a few days ago by Reevo Inc., the company leaded by Ryoma Matsuo, who is revolutionizing the transportation system. It is a service that brings you a rental car right where you are, just with two taps. You just choose what type of car you want, and because there aren’t any annoying applications such as the insurance, the burden of the borrower is greatly reduced, and renting a car becomes very easy. At the moment, the service is being tested in Fukuoka but, it is going to be extended to the Tokyo area. As a product to make people abstain from alcohol, it will be even more adopted.

With Airpo, you accumulate your points just going to a shop, and you can give them to other persons as a gift. We use those point cards only once a year but they become more and more in our wallets, and holding the points in the smartphone is a pain. The application that sets us free from that stress is offered by the Oita based company IJGN Inc.. By the way, the company president is the brother of the president of Base Inc., the company I belong to. Let’s see who will be the first one to return home in glory…

You couldn’t imagine from his aggressive skinhead-like look but, Mr. Okamoto is a cheerful character. He is the leader of Karakurimono, a company specialized in developing iPhone applications. They launched “Basu wo sagasu Fukuoka” (“Searching bus Fukuoka”), that gives informations about timetables and delays for a community of bus-users like the Fukuokans. The same app gained the attention of Nishitetsu Group and became its official service “Nishitetsu Bus navi”. Such a great achievement in Fukuoka and in this way could be probably reached only by Karakurimono. In the future, the company is going to launch more and more apps to make daily life easier, and as a single user, and as colleague as well, I can’t wait to use them.

Calaculu Inc.
Here is another company specialized in developing iPhone applications. It is a unique company where every member of the staff has a Ph. D. (maybe lately it’s different). In my previous job, I have worked together with them, so I’m an old fan of this company. Their technical level is high, I like the staff, and I’m expecting from them an app that represents the company like a flag. The company president, who has a Ph. D., nicknamed “doctor”, is a bit stubborn type.

Technical Rockstars Inc.
First of all, the company name is good. Their mission is developing services to create a world, where everyone can use those programming words now used only by a few specialized people. Because their services seem still hard to approach, I’m anxious to see how they are going to realize it. I heard the company is going to set up an office in Tokyo, I cannot wait.

Kazu Watabe
This is not the company name, nor the service name, just his personal name. He moved to Fukuoka from Tokyo and he’s going to start a business. His still under construction app is well thought out, and it has the potential of being used worldwide. He hasn’t made any official announce, so I cannot write about it in detail but, I feel he could be the most successful startup in Fukuoka. He has an aura of being easily involved in car accidents or someone who easily gets his bone broken, so I hope he pays attention to his body.

With good timing, an amazing website has published an amazing article on it, so I’d like to present it.
Hairdressers: nomoral Inc. has developed FLAP. Everybody is waiting for this app that permits the customer to choose the hairdresser who better fits him/her.
As written in Oreoka, the key is how they are going to promote it. Let’s see what happens.

There are many services and company I want to present but, let’s stop here, I’m tired now. Sorry if my comments looked like I’m talking big…


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