Go Fujito

Henri Matisse “The Cut-Outs”

Today the rainy season is officially over, but my senses told me it had already finished last Sunday. If this beautiful weather will continue, I’d like to spend time outdoor as much as possible. The city’s colors as well are summertime colors.

The catalogue of the Matisse exhibition at the Tate Modern I mentioned a few days ago has arrived. The price of exhibition catalogues is low compared to their content, so I always buy the catalogue of an exhibition I liked. But if it happens abroad, they are heavy to carry back home…


1952, Nice, South of France. Matisse’s living room and atelier inside the Hotel Regina.
Right now, we are designing the 2015 spring/summer collection. All the staff is working without rest on the finishing touches, and it seems we are close to the finish line. When deciding the fabric, the choice of the colors is a very important matter. I always try to go and see directly the object I’m interested in, because all the ideas come out exclusively from what I’ve seen in my experiences so far. While watching the room of an artist lived more than half century ago in the south of France, a place I’ve never been to, fresh and new sensations are able to unfold here in Nagahama.