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Summer in Itoshima

A few days ago I went to Itoshima for the first time in a while.

I have some relatives who live close to Nogita Coast,
so, every year, when the rainy season ends, we visit them.
It’s a custom of my family.

Everybody knows, so I think it’s useless to say but,
from Fukuoka city center to Itoshima, it takes around an hour by car,
and there you can enjoy nature, sea and mountains as well.

IMG_1526 IMG_1536 IMG_1540 IMG_1542

We went to the beach, we picked some vegetables from the garden,
we fully enjoyed summer at once.
We even went to the near skatepark “Ohana” for a moment.

August starts this weekend,
definitely a lot of people is going to enjoy summer in Itoshima.


  1. ジェフTいいですね!ちょっと前、登山用に買おうと思ってました。

    Taro Misako 2014.07.31 / 05:47:31
  2. ありがとう!ジェフTと、バギーズをセットで着るのがお気に入りみたい。

    Central Editors 2014.07.31 / 06:05:31