Koichi Futatsumata

Ishigaki Island

DSCF6967 I’ve come to Ishigaki Island for a brief summer vacation. Recently, also because I go often to Yoron Island for work, I feel I’m attracted by the Nansei Islands.

DSCF6930 It’s the fickle subtropical climate, hot and humid and it rains intermittently. Every morning, during the breakfast, we ask to Mr. O, the owner of the hotel Villa Yugafu-Mabare, about the program of the day, and checking the weather we decide.

DSCF6939 Yesterday’s sunset, from a nameless beach we accidentally found, was beautiful.

DSCF6917 Kabira Bay and Hirakubozaki lighthouse, but the weather wasn’t so good.

DSCF6892 It depends on today’s weather but, I hope I can go to Iriomote or Taketomi Island.