Kyoko Hirosawa

A walk into the green

I’ve come to Tokyo for work, so I took a walk with my son.

The place we went is Kiyosumi-shirakawa.

There are a lot of place to see: the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Tokyo Sky Tree is near, and there is the beautiful Kiyosumi Garden,
6 but I really liked the Kiyosumi Park, located in a corner, walking on Kiyosumi Street, along the borders of Kiyosumi Garden.
2 It’s a playground with all the play equipments for children, but the trees are magnificently in full leaf, and the cicadas sing aloud. How many were they? They also like the place, I thought looking up.
The nearby Fukagawa Library is also really nice. Later I discovered it was built in 1909, it was the second library built in Tokyo. Inside the building, there are windows made in stained glass, it’s a place with a peculiar atmosphere. Everybody can have a rest and read some books here.

On 17th of August, there will be the Tomioka Hachiman Shrine Festival, which is held once every 3 years. I could feel the festival atmosphere through all the town. I really liked it.

In September, a nice hat shop will be open along Kiyosumi Street.