Go Fujito

Obon festival time. Tabira, Hirado and Ikitsuki Island.

I went to visit my ancestor’s grave, it takes around one hour by car, driving towards north from my parent’s house in Sasebo. With four member of my family, we made a tour through Saza, Tabira, Hirado, Ikitsuki and Kitamatsu.
The path to the grave, beyond the fields. Deep into the bushes, we heard some wild boars. Every time I come to this grave, there is always a big butterfly flying. Maybe someone was waiting for us.
After crossing the bridge, there is Hirado. In this island there were many clandestine Christians in the past. We went to Neshiko, a beautiful location, but it was cloudy. Summer was brief this year. I can’t remember a summer with so few sunny days.
IMG_0711 IMG_0717 IMG_0724
Then we reached Ikitsuki Island. It was once a prosperous island, thanks to the deep-sea fisheries that sailed off from here. Saying that, I didn’t have the feeling of being in a desolate place now. The faults, the horizon: the view was great and overwhelming beyond my expectations. Also, it made me feel good. Along the road, listening to my parents talking about their childhood, I thought about those days: it’s something that happens only during the Obon. Nowadays everything changes so fast, for this reason, thinking about our roots is a very important thing for me.