Go Fujito

FUJITO 2014 Fall & Winter Collection

It’s the first Monday after the Obon holidays. I usually don’t collect days to take consecutive holidays (like two days or more), so this time I took some days off without exactly knowing what to do, because I can hardly stay at home doing nothing. I subscribed with Hulu, the movie streaming site, and I started watching some TV serial from abroad (like that one where all the city is covered by a dome). The budget is completely different there, anyway, everything is big-scale and great fun. The rhythm is good, so they are easy to watch, I think. They are better than many weird movies.

I’ve presented the movie for the next 2014 FUJITO Collection. Shooting and editing are made by Koji Michizoe of “Dazzle Works“. I’ve been working with him since the first FUJITO movie. He knows well what I like and what I’m aiming at, so it’s easy and fast. This time, the movie came out just as I imagined, maybe better. Until the last moment, I hadn’t decided the location, and the scheduled shooting days were getting closer, but he could cope with it. Thanks to him, I could make it, it wasn’t possible with another guy: that’s what I think every time. “The style of that scene with him, in that skateboard video, you know…” this could be an example of how we talk about work!

FUJITO 2014 Fall & Winter Collection
Videographer : Koji Michizoe (Dazzle Works)
Model : Roberto, Graeme
Director : Go Fujito
Styling : WISTERIA Co.,Ltd
Support : Ken Kusanagi (WISTERIA Co.,Ltd)