Hiroto Shin


The girl wearing the grey hooded sweat is pretty, isn’t she? Hi, it’s Shin!

I’d like to inform you that BASE, Inc. website has been renewed.
Making the website I wanted to transmit a bit of the atmosphere of the company.
I think the result expresses well the stance of the company.
But, I left out many things and personally I think that I made some errors in this renewal.

・The video on top of the website can be moved horizontally
・The video about the company is cool
・The page about the staff is funny and animated

These points are particularly interesting, so please have a look.
This time, the production is by Buzzhook, Inc., a Fukuoka based advertising design company.

BASE, Inc. is looking for new staff in every type of occupation, so if you are interested, please send your application!

David Bowie – Heroes