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“Tonight from the back alley” Skate video music of December 2014

Happy New Year to everybody.

Tonight at 8:00 pm, “Tonight from the back alley“, the CENTRAL_ related radio program, will be on air on LoveFM. Try listen to it! The first guest of this year will be Mr. Oishi of Ticrohair.
These are the skate video music of the last December.
12/2 Stereo 『Way Out East!』 (2004)
Olly Todd’s part, Get It Pt. I /The Herb Johnson Settlement

Jason Lee’s part,
Calypso King & The Soul Investigators Investigator’s Groove

12/9 5boro 『Word of Mouth』 (2004)
Aaron Suski’s part, Locomotive Breath /Jethro Tull

Emmit Bennet, Pat Smith, Tye Feaster’s part, New Slang /The Shins


12/16 almost 『Round Three』(2004)
Rodney Mullen’s part, Train in Vain/The Clash


Daewon Song’s part, All These Things That I’ve Done/The Killers


12/23 PlanB 『Virtual Reality』(1993)
Rick Howard’s part, Rick James Give It To Me Baby


Danny Way’s part, Led Zeppelin Good Times Bad Times

Because of the copyright the audio cannot be heard, so watch it while listening the music from the video below. I think that there are people who know the right point to synchronize the music to the video (lol).

12/30 Chocolate 『Hotchocolate』(2004)
Kenny Anderson’s part, Y Control/Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Marc Johnson’s part, Ceremony/New Order