Hiroto Shin

Chotto Matte Kudasai

This autumn, a lot of movies I like are going to be shown at cinemas. I tried to put together the movies and the books I liked.

The Great Beauty
For the first time in a while, for me, this was a big hit. Beautiful pictures, camera movements, fashion, music, I loved all about this film. Why are Italian old men so sexy and cool? Like Antonio Liverano. Go Fujito meets him regularly.

Below, some movies that will be released soon and I want to see



Below, just links

Sacro GRA


Before Midnight

Books I read or I’m reading at the moment

Ristorante Paradiso
This manga is set in an Italian restaurant managed by some cool old gentlemen with spectacles. Both men and women will enjoy the mix of fine food and bittersweet love stories of this manga.

Everybody knows Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species”. Natural selection, individual differences, environment, evolution, etc., natural laws and the essence of life of plants and animals, because I think these are laws that apply to human activities, I’m reading it carefully. For instance, if the individuals of a specie become exceedingly numerous, an infectious disease can develop. This makes me think about the so-called “big-company disease”, that arises when the number of people that belong to an organization grows up.

On the Origin of Species” (first volume)

On the Origin of Species” (second volume)

Well, let’s say goodbye with Sam Kapu’s “Chotto Matte Kudasai”, very appropriate to the end of summer. See you.