Hitoshi Takekiyo

From Hong Kong

Hong Kong movie “Impetuous Love in Action“, produced by Jackie Chan, is been shooting secretly now in Fukuoka.
The director Frankie Chan, along with the leading actress Jade Lin, came to my studio during a break in the shooting.

Frankie Chan is a member of the Jackie Chan crew. He is such a talented man: actor, screenplay writer, musician, director and of course he can perform acrobatic and other martial arts stunts.

His was the music for the famous “The Young Master” (1980), and he wrote the scenario for the last Jackie Chan’s movie “CZ12” (2012).
My generation grew up with Jackie Chan’s movie. When we were children, during P.E. class we always imitated him, eventually hurting our ankles…

The protagonist Jade Lin is a very friendly actress.
She is very stylish and looks like a model, but she is also good in martial arts and action scenes!

When I was talking with Frankie Chan, she was at the desk all the time drawing something, after I discovered she was copying the design of a character we are working on that was stuck on the wall.

So cute (lol)… is she really an action movie actress?
Sure she is↓

What Frankie Chan and Mont Blanc Pictures are planning together is still a secret.

“Impetuous Love in Action”, a romantic comedy action movie, was released in Hong Kong and China on May 2014.
For its release in Japan we have to wait a little more.

Directed by Frankie Chan
Produced by Jackie Chan
Starring Jade Lin


  1. そんな撮影が福岡で行われていたとは驚きです!!

    Central Editors 2014.09.12 / 14:56:30
  2. ユン・ピョウもサモハンも最高ですよね!

    Hitoshi Takekiyo 2014.09.12 / 15:02:30
  3. サモハンですね〜。福星シリーズを見たくなりました!

    Central Editors 2014.09.12 / 15:19:30