Taro Misako

9/21 (Sun) DESIGNEAST 05 opens in Arita – Saga

DESIGNEAST is an event on design based in Osaka. This year, for its fifth edition, the event will travel to Hamamatsu, Tokyo, Arita and Shodoshima. Like a camp site, inside the event will take place fieldworks, talk events and various projects. This week end, on Sunday September 21st, is the turn of Kyushu, where the event will be in Arita, Saga Prefecture. The members of DESIGNEAST, active in the foremost lines of every field, architecture, graphic, editing, fashion, product design, are coming to Arita along with all the visitors.

For this event I personally made the logo, the main visual and the web site (Tumblr).
Arita is close to the town of Hasami, that hosts “thought”, the event presented also in FEATURE inside this website. DESIGNEAST will start right the day following the last day of “thought”, so if somebody is interested in that, how about going also to this event? I believe the theme of DESIGNEAST fits the interests of the readers of CENTRAL right well.

It’s an event thought for who stays in the town, where talks go on all the night, but a one-day trip is also possible. The next day, a tour in Arita is an option (for many reasons I participate only to the main event).


2014 September 21st (Sun) – 22nd (Mon) @Arita, Nishi-Matsuura, Saga Pref.

In 2016, Arita will commemorate its 400th anniversary
as a pottery town.
In DESIGNEAST05 CAMP in Arita, we use all the town,
DESIGNEAST members and guests will do fieldwork together,
knowing Arita and exploring its possibilities. It’s a camp for thinking at the future.

2014 September 21st (Sun) – 22nd (Mon)
One day only is possible: please inform us in advance

Arita, Nishi-Matsuura, Saga Pref.

6000 Yen
Accommodation, dinner, breakfast included
Accommodation at: Nishiyama Residence (the guests share all the building)
DESIGNEAST 05 CAMP in Arita “Camp Guidebook” included

Max. 30 participants,
reservation by email at

DESIGNEAST members profile
d photo: Umaki Camp(Setouchi Art Fest 2013, exposed work)

Toshikatsu Ienari
Architect. Born in Hyogo Pref. in 1974. Law Degree at Kansai University. Degree at Osaka College of Technology. In 2004, along with Shakushiro Takeshi establishes “dot architects”. Their activity is based in Osaka, Kitakagaya. Their works are not only limited to architectural designing, but comprehend also building construction, art projects, and other several projects. At the moment, he is Special Associate Professor at the Department of Spacial Design of Kyoto University of Art & Design, and part-time lecturer at the second Department of Architecture of Osaka College of Technology.

1402_setouchi_006_m-860x569 photo: Mme KIKI chocolat

Yuma Harada
Born in Osaka in 1979. From 2005, part-time lecturer at Kyoto University of Art & Design. In 2007, establishes UMA / design farm, that works on projects in different fields, focused on graphic design. From 2013, director of “Shodoshima – Hishio no Sato + Sakate Port Project”. Co-author of “Shodoshima ni miru Nihon no mirai no tsukurikata”.

72252-8369201-IMG_2995-Edit photo: “Shodoshima ni miru Nihon no mirai no tsukurikata” (2014, Seibundo-Shinkosha)

Tomomi Tada
Born in 1980. Editor, director of “editorial studio MUESUM”. After a degree in pedagogy at the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Letters of Ryukoku University, finished her studies at Saito IMI College. “From the place where it happens, to the documentation” is the theme: she works on publications, publicity, event and exhibition planning, and editing based on art and design. Director of ULTRA FACTORY BY EDIT of Kyoto University of Art & Design, Director of DESIGNEAST, part-time lecturer at Kyoto University of Art & Design. With Noboru Tsubaki and Yuma Harada, she worked on planning and management of Setouchi Art Fest 2013, Shodoshima – Hishio no Sato + Sakate Port Project, and after 2013 she continued the project as one of the directors. Coauthor of “Shodoshima ni miru Nihon no mirai no tsukurikata” (2014, Seibundo-Shinkosha).

140710_vanitas photo: fashion review magazine “vanitas”

Daijiro Mizuno
Born in Tokyo in 1979. In 2008 completed the doctoral course at the Royal College of Art in London, and became Professor of Art (fashion design). In 2012, became the new full-time lecturer in the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies of Keio University, taking part in planning and management of various projects that study and link in a critical way the relations between design and society. Between his activities there are: executive member of DESIGNEAST, spreading and putting into practice inclusive design, that aims at social inclusion, co-responsible editor with Hiroshi Ashida of the fashion review magazine “vanitas”. Co-author of “x-DESIGN”, “Fab ni nani ga kano ka”, “Inclusive Design”, “Real Anonymous Design”, “fashion design for living”.

home1 photo: 1616/arita japan

Teruhiro Yanagihara
Born in Kagawa Pref. in 1976. Designer. In 2002 established his own studio. “Designing the state of designing” is his thought. Works on projects that cross the boundaries between countries and genres. Took part in the establishment various Japanese brands as KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD and “1616/arita japan”, and also designed for non Japanese companies. His works are part of collections and museums as the Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP). Director of “2016/project”, 400 years of porcelain in Arita, Saga Prefecture. Co-author of “Real Anonymous Design”, “Zero nendai 11nin no design sakuho”.