Hiroshi Mizusaki

A Business Trip in Kyushu by Train

In the last years, I choose to use the train for my business trip, if circumstances permit it.
Once I was always impatient, and I used to like the freedom of movement that a car gives, but since the appearance of the Kyushu Shinkansen I became a fan of train trips.
I’ve always been traveling from Hakata to Hiroshima, Okayama, Kobe, Osaka and Nagoya by train, and now, since I learned the same pleasure and convenience of traveling to Kagoshima, in the opposite direction, I’m addicted to it.
There are many points of views, but I personally think the entertainment of JR Kyushu is kind of inspiring.
This time I moved from the main Shinkansen line to the side axis, and I took the Kamome 885 to Nagasaki!

Before getting on the train I was excited like it was a pleasure trip, but of course I had to work.
It’s not the Shinkansen, so it takes around two hours, but actually it was good to have time to read something.

During the journey, being able to see the Ariake Sea gives you the opportunity to meet a landscape different from the one seen along the highway: I couldn’t stop looking everywhere.

Next time, I want to take the eastern axis toward Oita. I’m waiting for a chance.