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A few days ago, I was in Itoshima, and I visited the showroom of DOUBLE=DOUBLE FURNITURE, just next to the workshop.
The shop is a remodelled storehouse inside a flower center,
it’s a really nice space. In the shop, visitors can find from cutlery, plates and tableware, to stools, desks and other furniture.
In the kitchen in the back, it’s possible to see the actually used items.

If you are going to Itoshima area, in Nogita or Keya, how about visiting the shop?
You’ll find simple and warm looking handmade items.

Keya Flower Center 1-1 Shima Keya, Itoshima-shi, Fukuoka-ken
Tel: 092-328-2010
Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday
Checking the website or Facebook page for irregular holidays is recommended.