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Transit Radio (Tue) “Tonight from the back alley”

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IMG_2146 On October 7th, from 8:00 pm, a new radio program on LOVE FM will start with Go Fujito as the main DJ.
“Transit Radio” is a program on air from Monday to Thursday, every day there is a different DJ. Go Fujito is the Tuesday’s DJ.

On Tuesday, the subtitle of “Transit Radio” is “Tonight from the back alley”. In the program we will talk about daily events that happen around us, and we will talk with creatives as our guests, together with some music. Like being in a back alley, with many people who meet each other.

There will be also a space about this web media “CENTRAL_”, and I will be the partner of Go Fujito inside the program.
This is my first time in radio, but I hope you will enjoy the program.

LOVE FM Transit Radio(tue)
“Tonight from the back alley”-
Every Tuesday 20:00〜21:30