Kyoko Hirosawa

Moving in that moment

The news was saying that a big typhoon was getting close, but I pretended not hearing it (a dangerous thing to do, actually…). I was just thinking: “I’ll go where I want!”. So, typhoon or not, I left Fukuoka airport early in the morning and I went to Tokyo. I made light of the situation, thinking that even planes were flying that morning.
Eventually, the place where I wanted to go was the exhibition of Kazuhiro Yamaguchi “Ki to kurasu hibi” (Days living with wood), held at Kamoshika.
1か Kamoshika is the atelier/gallery of Okaz Design. Sometimes they hold exhibitions, and a special menu is served with the works of the artists.
With Okaz Design, I made “Honto no oishii ga aru tokoro – Chikugo ryorika kiko“, but I should say that I dragged them into that project. After that, we have been keeping in touch, and sometimes we have a drink, we talk about food, places and work. Every time after we meet, I feel better end stronger.
So, at Okaz atelier there was the exhibition of Kazuhiro Yamaguchi, who is based in Fukuoka and Ukiha, and I wanted to see it! That’s why I forced my way through everything.

Heavy shower and strong wind, but Kamoshika was illuminated by a warm light. Inside, the temperature and the smell were completely different from outside, it was like entering another world. They made me seated at the best table, and they served me some nicely prepared food on the wooden dishes made by Yamaguchi. While watching the Okaz staff cooking quickly, I had some good wine. Here is possible to find delicious ingredients from Fukuoka. After lunch, I touched and watched the works of Yamaguchi, I listened to how they change after using them for a long time, and after a first hesitation I made my choice. I spent some very relaxed time.
4か 17か
5か 6か 11か 9か
When you instinctively feel the desire to go to somewhere, or to meet somebody, it seems an impulse, but it actually means something.
In that precise moment, there is something you can feel.

It seems just a justification for a short trip during a typhoon, but…
I was really lucky: many flights were canceled that day, but from the flight I booked, they started flying again.

I have come back to my usual days with more vitality.


Kazuhiro Yamaguchi Exhibition “Ki to kurasu hibi” (Kamoshika)
Open until October 10th.

4-5-10 Shimotakaido, Suginami-ku, Tokyo


  1. うまそうっす…

    Go Fujito 2014.10.09 / 04:46:31
  2. いやあ、本当おいしかったです。と思い出す今もよだれが。。

    Kyoko Hirosawa 2014.10.11 / 12:58:31