Koichi Futatsumata

A detour (Venice)

DSCF7273 Last month, after my work in Milan, I made a short trip to Venice, even it was just for two days and a half.
The “City of Water”: a touristic place but undoubtedly a magical place.

DSCF7366 The water taxis are very nice.
DSCF7381 Evening twilight from Rialto Bridge.
DSCF7333 Piazza San Marco. To me, “San Marco” stands for saddle.
DSCF7376The narrow streets are like a labyrinth.
DSCF7350 Gondolas, just before a sudden storm.
64782 Then, heavy rain and hail, the biggest ones were about 15 millimeters in diameter: painful if they hit you. I rushed into a restaurant and it was like this.
910 Everybody was chatting and eating with the shoes off. The restaurant staff seemed to be used to it, and they kept back the water at the door without worrying, but there was already 10 centimeter of water on the floor. The “high water” periodically occurs during the year. One of the restaurant staff told me he has a friend in Fukuoka, and showing me his friend list on Facebook, he pointed a picture of a Japanese girl with blonde hair: “nice, uh?” he said. Some Japanese girl that came to Venice for tourism for sure.
6732 One hour and a half of jogging in Venice. Too much fun.
21 In Venice, I wanted to visit Punta della Dogana Museum, designed by Tadao Ando.
90 Then, the International Architecture Exhibition, this year directed by Rem Koolhaas and titled Fundamentals. At the entrance, suddenly an installation of the devices above the ceiling.
9089 A fulfilling short trip.