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Strawberry daifuku

When I have to go to the city centre, I almost use the bicycle. And when I have something to do in Tenjin, I often use the bicycle parking of Kirameki Street, under Iwataya Shinkan. For less then three hours it’s free.

Today as well, I left the bike at the parking, and entering Iwataya I noticed that despite today is a week day, there were many customers as we were in the weekend. The reason is that today the food and grocery floor has reopened after renovation.

Moving around through the crowd, I saw a long showcase that there wasn’t before: Suzukake store has been renewed as well. The interior design is by Koichi Futatsumata.

IMG_2401 IMG_2394 In the back of the store, the customers can see the staff working.

In occasion of the renewal, a limited edition of strawberry daifuku is on sale at the store. They cannot be found yet in the other stores, and they went sold out in a flash!

IMG_2409 I like sweets and I couldn’t resist: I bought a few of them and I enjoyed with my family.

Here you can find some nice pictures.