Koichi Futatsumata

MANGEKYO Open in Shinjuku Gyoen

man4I’m rushing to finish some interior design projects for the end of the year. This one opens today in a reconstructed old building in Shinjuku Gyoen, it’s called “MANGEKYO” and it’s a western cuisine restaurant open only to members (a presentation from a member is sufficient).
man3Mangekyo means kaleidoscope, and when you are in the restaurant you understand the name: several men, several minds… It’s the special refuge of the owner, who also works in the show business. The food is western style miso oden and creative western cuisine prepared by the young chef H.kawa, who has been working in France. The miso oden is really good.
man2On 7th and 8th, the big opening party. We have been invited with other many people from different fields. The flowers celebrating the opening were everywhere.
man6 The details of the project will be updated on the web after the photo shooting, but colors and materials have been used in a complex way, like in a small kaleidoscopical space. Moreover, for this restaurant I used the chairs I designed by myself: I don’t want to boast but they look very nice. (Made by E&Y)
man1 The design of the logo is by Koichi Inoue of ORYEL. It’s a nice logo.