Koichi Futatsumata

22 and Shoe Stool

0001I’m traveling a lot for work this end of the year. A few days ago, on Men’s Fudge magazine, Beams Records has introduced “22″, and thanks to that I’m receiving many response and questions. So, let me talk a bit about it. I’m sorry because lately I’m not posting on it, but inside 22′s official website, there is a blog that contains my ideas during the time I was designing it, and explanations of Mr. Fuji from EK JAPAN, responsible for the development and technology. I think there are a lot of informations in there, have a look!

22[tu:tu:] blog: Design and technology
22[tu:tu:] blog: The device and the ambient

001The Shoe Stool has been created as an item to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Fujito, the brand leaded by Go Fujito, also member of DAYS. Right one year ago, Wallpaper* magazine wrote an article about it, and that was the key to make the Shoe Stool known abroad. Now the Shoe Stool is part of the collection of Opinion Ciatti, the furniture label based in Florence. In that article, the Shoe Stool is shown in coordination with a pair of J.M. Weston loafers.

DSC01000 In honor of that, these are the J.M. Weston golf. I’m using both with great care. I heard that many people who bought the Shoe Stool actually like that kind of leather shoes.
The Shoe Stool in the picture above has a gold leaf finishing. The Opinion Ciatti/Shoe Stool will be sold in Japan from the next January. I’ll present the stores where it will be on sale in a next post. There will be also another two versions, in a simple white color, and black lacquered. How about buying a pair of J.M. Weston as well?