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Today’s FUJITO

Here inside CENTRAL, I decided to give new life to the “Today’s Fujito” series that some friends seemed to like. “A man doesn’t have to dress something different every day”, saying so, I’m really a clothes shop owner in conflict with himself. Anyway, check out my style of the day.

I think this is a proper outfit for this beautiful day in Fukuoka, warm enough to start sweating if you just move a little. Jeans are FUJITO, “Thea” model, an item always present in our collection, with a slightly narrow cut for a slim fit silhouette… yeah, I know, you’ve just started saying “he want to sell his stuff, doesn’t he?”, but just because I product my own clothes, it doesn’t mean I have to wear all FUJITO. Actually, I like to mix different clothes. For instance, I feel a lot better if I only insert one vintage item in the outfit. It’s cold in the evening, so from Futatsumata’s4FB“” coat stand today I took the FUJITO navy coat, which seems to be still irreplaceable.

Go Fujito


  1. 撮り方が懐かしい!嬉しい復活ですね。

    Central Editors 2014.04.02 / 06:31:30
  2. 徐々にアップしていきますよ〜

    Go Fujito 2014.04.13 / 11:00:30