Go Fujito

Today’s FUJITO

This week-end, a FUJITO pop-up store was open in Nagasaki at “Free Strain”, one of my dealers. I was in the store myself to serve customers. It was good I could meet many “sempai” and old friends, without feeling distant from them.
So, today’s Fujito from Nagasaki.

写真 Pretty standard outfit: FUJITO’s standard model jeans “Thea” and V-Neck Pocket Tee, JOHN SMEDLEY’s knit cardigan, and J.M.WESTON’s Golf.

写真 2 Today’s lunch was curry at Madhubani. That was delicious. In the picture, it doesn’t look like curry, but you actually break that chicken in the back, mix it and then eat it all together. You’ll just become addict to it.

写真 1 Hountei’s soup dumplings were so extremely good I was astonished. They say you can eat them only here, at Hountei’s headquarter in Nagasaki. The sour soup was my favorite.

写真 3
Of course I went at Edozen for the fried chicken. These were the restaurants where I want to go again the next time.
I want to thank again Kotaro from “Free Strain”, everything in Nagasaki was great!

Go Fujito