Go Fujito

FUJITO 2014 Spring&Summer Collection

Since some seasons ago, at FUJITO we produce promotional movies for our collections. For this season, we travelled around Itoshima peninsula for shooting. Thanks to the weather, we could end the shooting in one day with a nice light and beautiful scenery. Have a look at the video.

The shooting started early in the morning, and along with changing the locations we could do some hiking at Mount Tateishi. From the top you can get the whole view of Itoshima.

At the end, at “Mataichi no shio” we just end up in tears watching at this breathtaking sunset. It was like the end of a travel.
Thanks to everybody.

FUJITO 2014 Spring & Summer Collection
Videographer : Koji Michizoe (Dazzle Works)
Photographer : Takato Shinohara (SPICEPIE)
Model : Roberto Cherchi
Director : Go Fujito
Styling : WISTERIA Co.,Ltd
Editor : Masafumi Tada(RÉDACTION)
Coordinate : Hiroyuki Hayashi(SUNWORKS)
Support : Ken Kusanagi(WISTERIA Co.,Ltd), Noriko Amamoto, Hisae Kurihara
Special Thanks : AURA Clothing, Mataichi no shio, Loiter market, Double Double Furniture, Loop Photo Creative, Itoshima-Shi