Hiroshi Mizusaki

A mountain stream

Went in the mountain for the first time in a while.
When I was a child, I used to spend time in mountains and rivers, so it’s something I miss sometimes.
The purpose of the trip is fishing (fly fishing this time) but, even if we don’t catch anything we enjoy it.
Seriously, not just an excuse when not catching anything…
The theme of this fishing trip was “Discovering a New Fishing Spot”. Using Google Map, we go to survey the tributaries of rivers we marked as our objectives.
However, the informations we can get on the web are just a plane map, and they aren’t useful until we actually reach the spot.
We search for the fishing spot trying many farm roads and mountain trails that don’t appear on the map.

_1070923 Our trustworthy partner in this trip is the Subaru Forester. Bad or narrow roads, no big deal, it runs steadily. (5-speed manual transmission, by the way)
This time, the place designated as campsite is located at around 1 hour and half from Fukuoka city centre, we sleep in the tent by the side of the river, in the middle of a cryptomeria forest.
We have dinner early in the evening, we get drunk early, and early we get asleep. Then, before the dawn breaks, we naturally wake up.
_1070931 In front of us, peaceful green and a beautiful river. Fishing starts from here, an unstable footing trekking.
After a while I see a fish rising to the surface! Expectations grow.
I get close quietly, and on the second cast I catch it! What is gonna be?…
_1070933 Oh, just a dace!
After that, only daces.
Where are the Yamame trouts…?
We wanted to change the spot and move to another place, but there was already someone preceding us.
We had fun anyway, and before going back we had some relax in a near hot spring.
Next time, I’ll try another spot. I can’t wait.