Hiroshi Mizusaki

After Nakasu Jazz

This year, thanks also to the nice weather, the Nakasu Jazz has shown an increase in the number of visitors compared to the other years.
As a member of the executive production committee, I offer my little help.
I’m a volunteer, and the lack of sleep makes it an hard job, but with some knowledge acquired inside the organization, and some responsibility, it’s possible to put your own ideas into the management.
I do a completely different job, but I always end up choosing something that deals with music.
bbbb Just one shot. Unfortunately I cannot post all the pictures, because it’s not possible to show people’s face without permission…
It’s hard to find a free festival that shows such high level sessions. I really had some great emotions.

The festival finished two weeks ago, and yesterday the main members met for the ending party at the shrine.
After the meeting, I was impressed by the pots lined outside the building.
IMG_2384 That’s mizutaki, the traditional chicken stew of Hakata, prepared by some experienced ladies.
We are inside the Kushida shrine!
IMG_2389 That unusual setting was amazing: the food was delicious, and while pouring drinks to each other I got drunk (as usual).

After the festival, we could also listen to some very special live performed by the artists who came to Fukuoka. I enjoyed so much all those relaxed moments.
I’ll do my best to make an even greater Nakasu Jazz the next year.