Hiroto Shin

New Tale

I would like to inform everybody that, on October 11th, I’m going to make a speech at the event called “Fukuoka Creative Camp“. The event will be held in Tokyo, so it’s a little bit far for “CENTRAL_” fans, but I hope that people who are in Tokyo will come.

In the first place, this event is directed to those who live in Tokyo, who want to try moving to Fukuoka and start working there. But because it’s hard to do it abruptly, how about trying it for a couple of months? That’s what the event would like to inform.

The contents will be the area, the city, how the people work, the lifestyle: I think that would be enough. Fukuoka city administration is working hard, and I think Fukuoka is a great place for living, especially compared to start living in Tokyo. The place for living is important, but I think it’s also important the mood you are living in: depending on it, the work and the food change their color. That makes me think that every life has its own color.

Anyway, forget my nonsense words, the event wants to show what living in Fukuoka means. It will be the first of three-day holiday, so, please come to visit us!

BASE Inc. is now employing new staff like designers and engineers, I hope to meet someone interested in it!

Our Fukuoka Creatives Camp