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Tommy Guerrero “Perpetuum” Japan Tour 2014

Last night I went to the live concert of Tommy Guerrero, who came back to Fukuoka after five years of absence.

Last time, I couldn’t go because of work, so I was looking forward to go to the concert and I spent all the day at work in a very anxious mood.
With that feeling I went to the stage at ROOMS.

IMG_2329 Two bands performed in the opening act.
The first one was an instrumental band based in Kyoto called Nabowa. Along with bass, guitar and drum, there was a violin, which sound was very cool and impressive.

The next band was EL DIABLITOS, the band of Tommy Guerrero’s brother Tony.
I listened to them without having any information about, but the upbeat was very powerful, so cool, that the audience got really excited.

And finally, Tommy Guerrero’s band.
The position of Tommy Guerrero on the stage was totally different from what I expected, but I managed to see him rather in front.

Here can be seen a few pictures of the stage:

The setlist was in the same order of tracks in his new album “Perpetuum“. The images of Tommy Guerrero’s movie was projected on the back of the stage, so I could enjoy both the music and the video.

On “Tonight from the back alley“, the radio program hosted by Go Fujito on LOVEFM, I made a special report on Tommy Guerrero, I hope you enjoyed it.
After the concert I could meet him in person!

IMG_1144 I was very nervous and with my poor English, I could tell him only 1/10th of what I wanted to say. Anyway I got one good picture!

IMG_2337 Thanks a million!