Koichi Futatsumata

03 – Volvo 240 GL Station Wagon (owned by Mr. Y.guchi)

DSCF6863 This column is dedicated to present the beloved cars of owners who like vehicles that are like a piece of the past, cars that are rapidly going to be abandoned because of problems related to taxation, mileage, and spare parts. The third episode is about the Volvo 240 GL. This is owned by Mr. Y.guchi, the eleventh generation of a family of sake brewers with more than 180 years of history. Just saying that, the atmosphere has suddenly become subtly aristocratic.

DSCF6876 The 240 series, produced from the seventies to the nineties, is the classic example of Volvo cars, and a pride of Sweden. This 240 GL was produced in the second half of the eighties and is in fair condition. The car driven by Mr. Y.guchi is a good quality popular car with a sharp style. The slightly metallic chestnut color of the body, transmits a nice aged feeling, the same as the Clio1 of the previous episode. In addition, the resin parts belong to the same era. The whitewall tires match the car perfectly. On the rear view, the body line above the tail light has been inherited by the current Volvo models.

DSCF6880 This day I had a business meeting with Mr. Y.guchi. He had in plan to take the car back from the garage after repair but, it needed service again and I met Mr. Y.guchi at the Fukuoka dealer, where I took these pictures. Everybody has to go through these small troubles but, let’s enjoy them, as part of our life.


  1. 以前、同時期のモデルで同色のセダンに乗ってました。懐かしいです。

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