Yoichiro Uchida

02 – Renault Clio2 PHASE.2 RS VER. JEAN RAGNOTTI (Clio Renault Sport 2.0 16V 172 Cup) (formerly owned by Mr. U.da)

clio_ragnotti This is my personal spin-off from Futatsumata’s “02 – Renault Clio”. The car I really loved, the car I used to own, came after the Clio of Mr. and Mr. F.ta.: the Renault Clio RS ver. Jean Ragnotti (hereinafter Ragno). It was a limited edition model made in 300 pieces for the entire world, the final lot of the second generation of Clio 2. (Saying that, this is not a universally renowned car like Ferrari or Mercedes, it’s just a very niche model, nothing extraordinary)
I was astonished by the completely new features of this last version of Clio RS, and I was also surprised that Renault went so further: my fever to ride this car was burning me up, and I bought it. The Clio RS is a special model: it is equipped with the 2.0 LDOHC engine, and many parts like engine, suspension, exterior and interior components are produced inside the Renault Sport factory in Dieppe, Normandy. Even between all the Clio RS, the “Ragno” is a model thought and made by Renault only for one pure reason: racing. Therefore, there aren’t any comfort features here.
Some comparison with the Clio RS:
- the caster angle in the front is increased
- the car is lowered 3mm with special coil springs for front and rear
- the coil spring rate is improved
- a spoiler is installed beneath the front bumper
- the rear spoiler is increased in size…
I think it’s becoming difficult and just for car addicts but, what fascinated me so much was the fact that the maker himself worked in order to make the car 80 kg lighter.
The ABS system is removed (so, on a rainy day the car skids), the air conditioning system is heavy, so it is removed (you cannot drive the car on summer, and on rainy season as well, because you cannot defog the windshield). Also side airbags, xenon lamps (head lights), and the spare tyre are removed because they are heavy. The rear wiper is not indispensable so, you won’t find it. The seats of the Clio RS are made of leather but, leather is heavy, therefore they are downgraded to fabric. Lighter aluminum wheels were a standard feature.
Another thing that astonished me was the door and windshield glass, that was changed with an extremely thin one. Another effort to make the car lighter.
Did Reanult go so far?! did they work on it? or they just cut corners? It was a car made only for race, and it was a car that gave you great pleasure.
It was really a fascinating car. While driving it, I understood the concept on which it was constructed. Accelerating, then controlling the engine speed and, while decelerating, jumping into the corner, and again up-shifting to exit the corner: what a feeling! It was also a scary car for the passenger seated next to me.

It was a delicate car and it needed care and maintenance, but definitely a great, deeply impressive car.
The fever of driving a car like this is getting higher again.


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    Koichi Futatsumata 2014.07.15 / 11:36:31
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