Katsuya Sugi

Writing about work

These days are mostly occupied by watching World Cup and Wimbledon games, I’m happy because the matches don’t overlap to the working hours, but it’s hard anyway.

I’d like to write something about my daily work.

The most important work at RIVERWILD Farm is crossbreeding: I can say that more than 70% of the quality of the meat comes from this.
(I’m going to put it simple because this could be a long talk. In the pictures they are one day old.)
A sow gives birth to 10-13 piglets each pregnancy.
Usually they have easy deliveries and the interval between each piglet is born is around 10 minutes.
At RIVERWILD Farm, around every two days there is a sow giving birth.
The probability of difficult deliveries is very low, and in that case, human assistance becomes needed.
(Of course we check them daily to avoid those situations.)

With metal grid floor, feces and urine flow under the floor, in order to have a more hygienic room.
Inside the stainless panel on the right flows hot water, it provides a suitable temperature for the piglets, who are very sensitive to cold.
On the other hand, the sow likes cool environment, and we must ensure that the heat for the piglets doesn’t reach her. It’s very hard!

Let’s stop here for today!