Koichi Futatsumata

Sea Turtle

001 I went to Yoron Island, where the holiday house project goes on. It’s the third time this year. This time I had meetings about the construction, the structure and the devices, and we checked the construction of the retaining walls. With me there was Mr. O of the construction company from Tokyo. During some free time in the first day, I went again to Yurigahama Beach with a glass boat. I was lucky to see a sea turtle swimming close for a long time. The body, emerald green and gold, was beautiful and elegant.

004 It was like in the middle of summer, the temperature during the day was more then 32 degrees. It’s possible to swim until October. Yoron Island is famous as a tourist resort, but there aren’t the usual resort hotels, and the place is not exploited in a bizarre and frenetic way. So, even coming from outside you have the feeling of slowly entering the nature and the life of the island.

007 The second day, I had some free time before the flight (of course after doing my work), and I went to Shinaha Beach for swimming: it was like being in a private beach. But, even if it’s not typical at this time of the year, my face has become completely red because of the sun and now I feel a little embarrassed.
The construction will start soon, after some works on the site. The sea extends in front of the site as well, it’s such a beautiful environment.