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“Tonight from the Back Alley” – October music selection from skate videos

Tonight from the Back Alley“, the radio program in collaboration with CENTRAL_, is on air since October.
Two months have already passed, and I’m so happy to receive so many comments and messages from the people around us. I hope I will be able to use them in the making of the program from now on, keep supporting us!

In one of those messages there was a question about a song taken from a skate video that was on air at around 8:50 pm, so I put together all the songs of October. There is one more song I didn’t use, anyway.

Soon I’ll upload the songs of November, too.

PlanB “Questionable” (1992)
Matt Hensley’s part, “News Of The World”, The Jam.

Rick Howard’s part, “Grey Cell Green”, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin.

Blind “Video Days” (1991)
opening, ending, “Low rider”, WAR.

Jason lee’s part, “The Knife Song”, MILK.

Powell Peralta “Future Primitive” (1985)
Tommy Guerrero’s part, “Future Primitive”, Rad Boys.

Girl Skateboards “Goldfish” (1993)
Rudy Johnson’s part, “Seven And Sven Is”, Love.

Chocolate’s editing, “Evil Ways”, Santana.

↑ in case it cannot be listened or viewed, below you have the live version by Santana.