Kenjiro Matsuo

A failure is a very good lesson

The last three months were like hell.
It was hard to complete three or four big works in the same time, but somehow I’ve finished (maybe).

I feel like I’m still trying hard, and inside myself I can’t rid of the feeling of being just an amateur, a novice. At my age I could be called an old man, but every year that passes, I feel like maybe my knowledge and experience will increase in the future.

In my family I was the youngest, and maybe because of that, I feel that many sensations of my childhood remain inside of me. But I’ve never compared myself with other people, so I don’t know.

Anyway, I think it’s the same for everybody, but in my experience, that age when you don’t know anything, served as a lesson to me. They say that there are both successes and failures, but I think that failures provide you more lessons.
Lately I’ve experienced a big failure.
And I have troubled many people.
That’s something to reflect about.
But losing heart because of that, makes all my efforts so far useless.
I prefer thinking it was something that taught me many things.

If you are happy that, with the help of many people, you have more knowledge and more experience, it would be sad to just stop at that point. I think one should make the best use of that experience, transmitting it also to the next generations.

Many events must not be taken from just one aspect. If you think about them from different point of views, and inside a long period of time, I think that what one should do becomes naturally clear.
I like to think that failures are the biggest chances to grow up.