Taro Misako

A video game-like real story

10483553_654129024665202_311278636_n The Mega Drive, the famous video game console of the old days by my beloved Sega Enterprises. I took a photo of a business card case inspired by the Mega Drive console design, and I put it on Instagram. Because the editor in chief Ota and Uchida seemed to find it funny, I decided to talk a little bit about it, here in DAYS.

With great timing, the hot entry of Hatena Bookmark, the rapper Waniwave, uploaded a fantastic song, “Sega Saturn shiro” (Play at Sega Saturn!), so I past it here. The song is about the Sega Saturn, but if you replace it with an other Sega console, it’s absolutely the same.

Just listening to it, I remember the startup sound of the Sega Saturn, the singing voice of Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, the gentle way to insert the power memory, I remember even the smell of the room of the classmate where I used to stop by on my way home from high school!

If you listen to only this song, he’ll probably give you the impression of someone who just likes video games but, in “Gemu teki riarizumu no shibo” (Video game-like real death), the argument becomes wider, from bishojo game to the postmodern, from karma to Abe government. (A link to the song)

In “Kokosei toha Radiohead wo kiku” (High school students listen to the Radiohead), he sings his thoughts and feelings about Radiohead, and at the same time, the song is also a sort of personal version of “Creep”. I thought that this kind of double construction was fantastic.

If I look at magazines, or social networks like Instagram, the world is full of talks about fashion, food, and ideology. Sometimes I get tired of it but, I go through all those genres, and I feel strongly attracted by those works that lie in the gaps, that are able to express subtle emotions. In my creations as well, I want to keep in mind this way of looking at things. (Staying too much focused on it, I must be careful not to loose my job!)

*About video games and reality, I’d like to dig further into it, but I hardly manage to put my thoughts into words. Next time, while scribbling down, I’ll try to put my ideas together. Sorry, this is my personal idea of DAYS.